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Chip Truck Famous for Rolly’s Homemade Fries – Review

UPDATE: September 15, 2018
NEW MANAGEMENT: The Murray family

Don’t worry there are only a few great changes. You’ll still be served by super friendly staff, there is still lots of parking, there are still lots of places to sit and of course…oodles of super good fries!

The Murray family has added some new family favourites. The milkshakes, made with real ice cream, are a must try. You’ll find all the cold treats in the new trailer beside the fry trailer. The trailers are not connected, so you will have to order from each one separately. The cold treat trailer serves ice cream, milkshakes, slushies, slushie floats and twisters. The twisters are like a DQ blizzard. You can choose from Smarties, Crispy Crunch or Reece’s Pieces. Perfect for a hot day!

The fry truck still offers the best fries. Small fries are $5.00, Medium $6.00 and the Large size is $7.00. For larger orders, there is a bucket size available as well as a family pack size.

Poutine is one of our family favourites. A Medium poutine is $9.00 and a Large is $10.00. For those who want to try something new there is Ultimate Poutine with bacon and banana peppers for $13.00.

Burgers range from $5.00 to $9.50. Hot dogs and Smokies range from $6.00 to $8.50. Onion rings are $7.00.

So many great options for the hungry traveller or a great snack/lunch for the local cottagers.

The fry truck is CASH ONLY. If your stomach is bigger then the cash in your wallet…no worries…there is an ATM on the platform of the fry truck.

Check them out on Instagram @leoldechiptruck.


There are many fun things to do at the lake, and visiting the chip truck is one of them.  Rolly’s Homemade Fries is located in Ontario on Highway #1 between Granite Lake (Pinewood) and Clearwater Bay (Clearwater Market/ Shell).


The owners Georgette and Roland Fiola have been in business for 5 years.  A true family business as they employ their grandchildren for extra help. Georgette and Roland are a hard-working couple working six days a week and only taking one day off, Tuesday.  They spend their day off at their home in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba.  The Fiola’s travel back again to Ontario to open up the chip truck for 11am on Wednesday.


The kids and I visited the truck on a Wednesday at around 2pm and it was a steady  flow of families and couples.  On this visit I noticed fries and poutine being sold, but this isn’t all Rolly’s has to offer.  On the menu is also, smokies, hot dogs, burgers, bison burger and my kid’s favorite drink…..Slush Puppies!


Rolly’s is a great spot to bring your family as there are lots of picnic tables scattered all around to sit at.  Each table has an umbrella for shade as well.  If you have lots of kids, a fun spot for them to sit is a small yellow picnic table labelled “Kids Only”. There is even a designated dog area for your pooch!  The wildlife is always fun for the kids.  Squirrels are regular visitors.  On our visit, Roland was sweeping up some dropped fries only to leave them on a pile on the ground for “Charlie” the squirrel.

I asked Georgette what her best selling menu item was, and she told me the large fries as it’s the best value ( small fries $4.50, medium $5.50, large $6.50 and a family tray for $28.00). She sells a lot of poutine as well, her biggest selling day is Sunday.  I have to admit, the poutine is my favorite. Georgette makes her own homemade beef gravy and it’s so amazing!!  (medium poutine $6.00 and large $8.00).


If you are travelling through Ontario to the lake, or travelling back to Manitoba, make sure you stop by!  Georgette and Roland always have a smile on their face and they are so happy to see you and to serve you up some AWESOME food.  Thank you Georgette and Roland for doing what you do…..it truly would not be the same lake experience without you! xo


Habanero Sombrero Food Truck Review

I have never written a food truck review before, but the tacos at Habanero Sombrero today on Broadway were the BEST and they deserve to be shared!


I am a huge Food Network fan and I have watched plenty of shows on interesting and creative food trucks.  Winnipeg never had anything so yummy until this year.  I do not work downtown, so I do not have the ability to walk out my office into food land heaven, instead I drove 20 minutes from my house with my 4 and 6 year old in tow.  Well worth the trip and super fun for the kids.

I ordered 2 chicken tacos ($6.00) on a 6-inch flour tortilla.  (there is the option of  a corn tortilla as well).  I loaded my tacos with homemade salsa fresca.   A hard decision since there was also Salsa Verde, Pineapple salsa and Habanero salsa.  I also ordered the Ay Carumba cookie.

photo (1)

The staff in the truck were super friendly. The owner even gave the kids Habanero Sombrero pins to wear. My son thought this was the coolest thing since he loves the logo of the pepper playing guitar.

We walked to a place to sit.  I took a picture of my food.  I took one dainty little bite then I then proceeded to INHALE my tacos!  I knew I wasn’t being very ladylike and I didn’t even look up into the street in case someone I knew walked/drove  by.   I have never had anything so good!!  I just couldn’t get enough!

As for the cookie…I seriously thought I was the cookie making queen…but I gladly give that title to the maker of the Ay Carumba cookie.  I was told it’s a double chocolate cookie with a bit of cayenne pepper. (Chocolate and spice!  Yes please!)  I saved half of it for my husband, but I’m not sure it’s going to make it too him.

I will gladly be back to Habanero Sombrero to inhale more of their delicious tacos!  Thank you so much for an amazing lunch!!