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Knitted Dishcloth

Why am I adding a knitting pattern to my food blog you ask?  I honestly just need a place to keep it.  My kitchen is filled with cookbooks, cooking magazines and cut- out  and printed-out recipes from anywhere and everywhere!  So, the knitting pattern that I wrote down will be lost very quickly in my mountain of recipes.

I used one ball of 100% cotton yarn.  The ball I used was a 56.7 g (2 oz) ball.  The original pattern said to use a 50 g ball and 6mm needles.  I used 5.5mm needles.  I also knit 13 times the pattern as I thought 14 times made the dishcloth too big.

Picture 2288

Cast on 38

Knit 3 Rows
Row 1 – (right side) KNIT
Row 2 – K3, PURL to last 3, K3
Row 3 – K3, (P2, K1) 10 times, P2, K3
Row 4 – K3, (K2, P1) 10 times, K5
KNIT last 4 rows

Repeat  row 1 to 4 – 14 times